September TBR

As I´m finally, and I mean FINALLY out of my reading slump I´ve decided I will share my TBR pile with you all. There are some books here  that I got from Netgalley for review, but I will review every book that I read.

  1. Lord of the silver bow (Troy#1) by David Gemmell
  2. November Girl by Lydia Kang
  3. The Day The Angels Fell by Shawn Smucker
  4. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

I´m currently reading ˝Lord of the silver bow˝, it was a book I got as a present from my bf. I do love all about the Trojan myth so and I´m liking it so far. It´s a little bit hard to follow the story because there are a lot of characters in every new chapter and their names are not the easiest ones to remember. Maybe I should just find a nickname for all of them, although I fell like I would lose myself even more if I do that.

Queen of Shadows is another book that I own. I loved the entire Throne of Glass series but since, as I said I was in a huge reading slump I didn´t read it when I was supposed to, but I will finally get a chance to do that now.

November Girl by Lydia Kang and The Day The Angels Fell by Shawn Smucker are books I got from Netgalley and I know very little of them. I did read ˝Control˝ by Lydia Kang a few years back and I loved it so I hope I will love this new book as well.

Book Review – The Siren Chronicles 

Three mermaids on a quest to the human world. Young doctor with a troubled past. What could possibly go wrong?

I solemny swear I will give this book an honest review. As all my book reviews are 😉

We follow three mermaids,Lorelei, Millisine and Seanne, that are on their mission. It is a mandatory thing for every young mermaid to pass when they come to the certain age.  Sometimes it has more and sometimes less meaning. But these three mermaids are from famous families so their mission is bound to be important. But the only problem is they are not really sure what they are supposed to do.

So they prepare to go to the land but from the very moment their journey starts the troubles start with it and they end up being separated. Continue reading “Book Review – The Siren Chronicles “

Personal update

I’m a mess. And I need to write something about it because I feel like I’m going to burst

I lost my friend yesterday. My cat Luna died and I feel like… I don’t even know. I can’t describe it.

She was little when I adopted her. 2,5 months old to be exact. She was supposed to be four years old in the begining of 2018… But she wont be. And I miss her so much, and it hurts like hell.

Someone would say that I’m weird, that she was just a pet. But she wasn’t just a pet.. She was a part of my family, and I never considered her a pet.

She never liked being photographed, and she was always watching you if you would be eating something. She liked chocolate and she liked to play fetch. She was a cat with some dog attributes. She didn’t liked to be hugged if she didn’t feel it in the moment and would go all ninja on you if you did that. But she was the sweetest cat… And we loved her…

And I will miss her and love her forever.
ps. in that photo I had so much trouble to get her to look up, she is only looking up because I’m moving my fingers at her, she bit me after that 🙂

Book review The New Dark

NOTE This book has been given to me by the publishers through Netgalley  in exchange for an honest review.

What first got me to notice this book was the cover. It is one gorgeous cover. Reminds me somewhat of the “Ice like Fire” series. I loved it. That’s when I saw the description. It felt like something I would enjoy, SF/dystopian kind of a novel.  Those are the reasons why I requested the book.

Continue reading “Book review The New Dark”

Book Review- Lord of Shadows

Cassandra Clare

I have been immersed into the Shadowhunter world again and what a ride it was with this sequel. Cassandra Clare is my all time favorite author and she has done it again. Why you may ask? Well there are not that many who can create a world the way she did. The Shadowhunter world with all his history, in a way that every person there fits to the stories of the past the present and the future perfectly.

As that said let me explain why this is going to my ˝All time favorites˝ list. Continue reading “Book Review- Lord of Shadows”